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Our 1-day bookings include 4 - 6 sessions of 45 - 60 minutes each. We can accommodate up to 80 students per session.


It’s time to let students get active and inspire them to PLAY with dance with one of our most popular workshops. These one­-day sessions are designed to ignite your students’ love for movement and music. Forget 5-­6-­7-­8 or complex dance moves, this 1-day workshop is designed for students to experience success and feel motivated to stay active with their classmates. Activation sessions are a great way to launch your curriculum dance unit!  


All Sessions...
1. Meet the requirements for DPA
2. Showcase a variety of dance styles
3. Use an interACTIVE, inclusive and student-centered teaching approach
4. Promote positive thinking and mental health


We bring in our own equipment (sound system and microphone). All we require is a gym or space large enough to accommodate the group size.

Don't miss out!  Book a practical, inspiring and motivating opportunity now.

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