Book an active learning dance unit and get your students’ muscles and minds ACTIVE with dance. Designed by teachers, for teachers, the DANCEPL3Y Residency is structured to follow best-­practice in pedagogy through a 4-­lesson “Teaching Dance for Understanding” dance unit that supports HPE curriculum, allows students to learn foundational moves from a variety of dance styles, create their own movements using the elements of dance, and prepare simple routines that demonstrate their learning. Self-­confidence grows as each student discovers their own unique style, applies interpersonal skills through group work and demonstrates creative thinking skills through movement-­‐based tasks and activities. The DANCEPL3Y Residency is taught by Certified DANCEPL3Y-­Ed instructors who not only facilitate an engaging learning space for students, but also provide supports for assessment and evaluation throughout the unit, as well as teacher involvement in the lesson plans.


Maximize your DANCEPL3Y experience with a comprehensive learning experience that extends the learning from the gym to the classroom. With the Enhanced Residency program, schools receive everything in the 5-day program, PLUS 26 cross curriculum lesson plans for teachers to deliver in the classroom, for all grades in your school, and a pre-program video with lesson plans.  Enrichment activities include: The Benefits of Dance for my Body (Grades 1-3), Emotions and Body Language (Grades 4-6) and Bullying/Power Discussion Tool (Grades 7-9).  


This 30-­minute lunch hour workshop for teachers is to learn simple dances for daily physical activity (DPA). It includes DPA videos and coaching notes for teachers to get their classrooms active with dance! 

*PLAY Education Consulting is Edmonton's, Greater Edmonton's and Central Alberta's sole provider of the Award Winning dance education program DANCEPL3Y (http://www.pl3yinc.com). 

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