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Audience: K-6; Ages 5-12   

Length: 2 Hours or Half Day

Description: PLAY Education has partnered with Athletics Alberta to bring you an exciting new program that focuses on developing physical literacy and improving physical education experiences for K-6 students.  It is designed with the elementary generalist teacher in mind, but can be used by PE specialists, recreation leaders, summer camp providers and all those working in a physical activity setting with children ages 5-12.  Ready-made lesson plans, assessment tools and supplemental materials have been developed to eliminate the barriers (lack of time, training, money) associated with providing opportunities for children to develop competence, build confidence and increase participation and connections, which all contribute to the development of physical literacy.  Learn about the details of the Mini Legends Program, participate in some of the activities that have been successfully implemented and find out how it can be brought to your school community, so you can continue to assist children to move efficiently and effectively while having FUN! 

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