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Take your program to the next level!

This is a unique mentorship opportunity for Physical Education Teachers, including Generalists and Specialists.


1. In-class supports with teaching Physical Education lessons from a qualified P.E. Specialist.

2. P.E. units and lessons are chosen by the teacher.

3. All unit plans, lesson plans and teaching materials, including assessments, station cards and other resources included.

4. Follow-up supports with assessments and planning tools provided.


All brought directly to your school!


PLAY Education was truly a pleasure to have in the school and the experience was full of excellent learning for our students and teachers. Having them model teaching and provide resources was an invaluable learning experience. She is a master teacher and to have her work with our generalist teachers in providing a well-rounded and physical literacy-based program was an ideal PD opportunity. I would highly recommend it to other schools in our district and I feel that this model of PD will have a lasting impact on teacher practice.
- Kirk Linton, Principal CBE

Don't miss out!  Book a practical, inspiring and motivating opportunity now.

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