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Audience: K-12; Ages 5-17    

Length: 90 mins, Half Day or Full Day

Description: Physical Literacy (PL) impacts the whole child. In fact, physical literacy IS the gateway to physical activity! In a sedentary world where many of our students are afraid to take risks and are up against barriers to being physically active, we have the tools to support them in their physical literacy journey. We were born to move and movement itself cultivates joy, boosts self-esteem, fosters social skills, and builds a better brain, heart, muscles, bones and more. Just as a child must learn the ABCs before spelling words and learn 1,2,3s before understanding fractions, a child must learn fundamental movement and sport skills to build confidence, develop competence, increase motivation for lifelong active participation. Through a three-part series, participants will experience the what, why and how of physical literacy and hop, skip, jump away with many practical ideas, tools and strategies to implement Physical Literacy into your school community. 

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