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"Thank you for following-up by sending your presentation materials from the National PE & Sport Institute. Your presentation was terrific (my favourite, in fact) and I am looking forward to using the materials in my classes this Fall.  I wish you all the best with your company and hope to see you at another conference sometime."  ~ Mitch (Teacher- Dallas, Texas)

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"Thank you for coming to our school yesterday and for sharing your love of dance and physical education. It was truly a wonderful day!" ~ Amanda (Teacher - St. Albert, Alberta)

DANCEPL3Y has come to our Out of School Care Centre for several sessions in the past couple of years and we have had nothing but positive experiences each time! The dance moves are easy to learn so children of all ages are able to follow along. The DANCEPL3Y instructors are full of energy and they get everybody up off their feet - even our staff join in on the fun! This is a great option for Child Care Centres looking to book a fun and energetic on-site field trip during PD days, Spring Break or Summer!  ~ Hermione Lund (Executive Director Richard Secord Out of School Care Society)

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